Voice Your Opinion!

Call , email , and meet with these officials:

The MOST important thing you can do is make your voice heard!

Rutherford County residents:  YOUR PARTICIPATION IS CRITICAL! 

Williamson County residents:  YOUR PARTICIPATION IS CRITICAL!

Everyone:  The developer has officially submitted an application for re-zoning the property. We ask that you immediately CALL your elected and appointed officials to express your concern about the track and changing a residential district to commercial use.  Then follow it up with an email to them.  Also, go to their contact form, below, to let them know how you feel about the topic.   Follow up a few days later (phone, email, contact form) with any additional questions and concerns that you might have.  If you have time and ability, schedule a meeting with these officials.  Make your voice heard!!   This plea to email these individuals applies to all Williamson County and Rutherford County residents.

Spread the word to your neighbors, and do everything you can to encourage other residents to express their concerns!  

All links below are live links to take you directly to the county official.

We've been told by one of the commissioners that they do not read template emails. Please use your own words to describe why you oppose the track. We, the neighbors in this area, primarily oppose re-zoning a medium residential property to a commercial purpose, especially one so disruptive. Also we know that the surrounding community's lives and property values will be negatively impacted by the development.

For a list of Rutherford County officials,

Click here for Williamson County officials and map