Our Concerns


The track will be audible from miles away, with the sounds of engines, revving, brakes, squealing tires, road noise, and crowds of spectators.  There will also be ongoing events, which will bring huge crowds of spectators and visitors.

Traffic and Safety

Our local roads, intersections, and highway on/off-ramps will experience increased traffic, possibly similar to the yearly Renaissance Festival traffic.  Emergency vehicle response times may be impacted by this traffic.  In addition, the increased traffic on our local roads puts pedestrians, cyclists, equestrian horse riders, and other drivers at increased risk, especially in the rural surroundings of the track.  Enclave visitors would certainly be racing down our small roads, eager to get to the track and then amped up from the adrenaline as they leave.

New Castle Road is the property of Williamson County.  New Castle Road was not designed to support the traffic of this type of venue.

Spanntown Road to the east is the property of Williamson County.  Spanntown Road to the west is the property of Rutherford County, and is particularly windy and narrow.  


Rutherford and Williamson Counties will bear costs associated with this development, including road improvements and maintenance, and an increase in the local infrastructure.  These costs would be borne by the taxpayers ultimately.

Property Values

Homes and properties, even miles away, will suffer a drastic decrease in property value due to the noise, traffic, and congestion.  

Environmental Impact

Gas and oil may run-off into local water sources.  Trees and other wildlife habitats will be cleared for the construction of the track property.  Air quality may be impacted by fumes and smog, and the ongoing sounds of the track will create noise pollution for miles around.

In addition, there are multiple springs and wetlands on the current Spann Farm property, along with an underground cave system and sink holes.  The track's proposed pond enlargement and dam would impact drainage into the cave and the water source to Stewart Creek.

Quality of Life

The site for the proposed track is surrounded by single-family homes, farms, and other privately-owned properties.  The families, residents, and small businesses for miles around will experience a greatly-reduced quality of life due to the daily noise, traffic, lights, and events from the track.

Loss of History

The property in question is part of the historic Spann Family Farm, which gave rise to the name “Spanntown” in the early 1800s.   Click here for more information about this historic property:

Neglect of the Rutherford County Comprehensive Plan

According to “Rutherford County’s Vision for the Future” in the Rutherford County Comprehensive Plan:

“Our land is our most precious resource.  It defines who we are and is the driving force in the shape and character for our many communities.  Our communities are set amid compelling historic and scenic resources.  Our pastures, streams, forests, and caves add beauty and economic value to our communities.  Our sense of place is defined by our resources, and we will administer responsible policies to protect and enhance our resources.” 


This proposed development violates this Vision outlined in the County Comprehensive Plan.

(Wildlife photographs courtesy of Thomas McEwen Photography, previously taken with permission on the proposed Track land.)