News and Updates

Tuesday December 22 UPDATE

The developer has said that they will NOT be pursuing the location at Spanntown and New Castle Road for their proposed Nashville Motorsports Enclave at this time, and the property is officially back on the market. 

We will be keeping our eyes and ears open in case anything changes...but for now, thank you for your support in helping us Block The Track! Happy Holidays!! 

Wednesday October 7 Application Withdrawn, No Hearing This Month

We were notified by the Planning Department that the developer did not address in enough detail certain items in their plan, including drainage or septic. The results of the sound study came back, but the developer opted to not share those findings with the Planning Department, and instead withdrew their zoning appeal application altogether in order to "refine some aspects of the design to take sound concerns off the table". The developer will likely re-submit their application in the next couple of months, but the date is unknown at this time. Because of this, the October 14th hearing regarding this issue has been cancelled. We are encouraging everyone to keep their signs up, and continue to spread the word about this proposed zoning change / development. Thank you for your support in our efforts to Block The Track! 

Wednesday September 29 Development Plans + Traffic Study

The developer’s plan includes two types of tracks, over 100 garages, two gas stations, dozens of other large commercial buildings, a heli-pad, and more. The developer expects 2,000+ daily visitors once all phases are complete, with up to 5,000 expected visitors for events (they are anticipating 30+ events per year). The Rutherford County Planning Department has not received the sound study from the developer as of this update.

Monday September 21 Response to Developer

The developer for the Nashville Motorsports Enclave has mailed letters to various households around Williamson and Rutherford Counties, insinuating that Block The Track, and others who are opposed to their project, are spreading misinformation about their proposal. The developer is not wanting the tracks called “race tracks”, but rather “road courses”. The visitors who will be driving ~160 mph are not “race car drivers”, but rather “car enthusiasts”. The developer suggested in an interview on the ‘Drivin’ Life’ podcast that those of us who are opposed to this project are “naysayers” and “misunderstand” their proposal, when in fact, what we see is a clear picture of the extreme disruption this business would have on our community. There is already the Nashville SuperSpeedway right up 840, merely 20 miles away from this proposed site. The developer is trying to package this plan as something else. While it is different, with certainly more aspects to it than the Speedway, there is still no question that it will be extremely loud, cause a significant increase in traffic and hazardous driving conditions on our small quiet roads, and have a negative impact for many many residents for miles around.

Many of us enjoy working on our own vehicles. Many of us have a love and appreciation for classic cars. Many of us are Nascar fans. And many of us would be considered “car enthusiasts,” too. The main issue here is that a commercial facility of this nature has no business being in a residential area. 

Thank you again for your efforts in helping us to Block The Track. We ask you to please continue spreading the word about this proposed zoning change and development, and continue contacting members of the Planning Commission and the Commissioner in your district, all of whom can be found on Thank you!



Your friends and neighbors at Block The Track 

Wednesday September 16 Development Submittal Update

The developer submitted an application for a zoning appeal on September 15th.  The appeal will now go before the Planning Commission at the October meeting, which is scheduled for Wednesday, October 14 2020 at 6pm where the Planning Commission will make their recommendation. (Call the Planning Dept office at 615-898-7730 to sign up if you wish to make comments at the hearing IF it occurs via Zoom.) After this, the full County Commission will hold a vote on the proposal in November. We need your help- please contact the Commissioners as soon as possible. Planning Commission and County Commission members can be found on this website.

Thursday, August 6 Zoom Meeting

The August 6 Zoom meeting was hosted by Landscape Architect and Land Planner Rob Molchan of SEC, Inc., in conjunction with Nashville Motorsports Enclave developer Eric Richey of

At the meeting, it was shared that the Track would have events for visitors, similar to the annual Amelia Island car event.  (The Amelia Island event is attended by 20,000 people daily.)  Here is a picture of the Amelia Island car event, as presented by developer Mr. Richey:

The Zoom call also informed listeners that there would be opportunities for go-karting and motorcross events.  Spectators and visitors can stay in the overnight lodging, as the Tiny Houses will be similar to Airbnb rental properties.


There are three access points to the Enclave, two on Spanntown Road and one on New Castle Road.  Trailers and other car carriers will be delivering cars to the property for race events and car festivals.  Photo of the Conceptual Master Plan as presented by Mr. Molchan is below: